Accelerating toward a circular future

Transitioning towards a circular economy is high on social and political agendas worldwide because this shift will ensure that valuable materials stay in closed loops, to be used and reused in different ways and in different forms, emulating nature itself.

In a circular economy, no materials go to waste - products and packaging keep their highest value and are recycled and reused as much as possible.

To achieve the ambitious aim of a circular economy, it is necessary to employ state-of-the-art approaches that push boundaries, and TOMRA’s reverse vending and waste sorting solutions help to achieve this by recovering materials and providing valuable insight into the composition of these materials.

At TOMRA, we accelerate the transition towards a circular economy through strategic collaboration and advanced technology solutions. We develop technologically advanced collection, sorting, and recycling solutions to achieve that circularity.

TOMRA’s sensor-based solutions play a key role in optimizing resource productivity, particularly in the fields of waste management and recycling, where sensor-based technology can be used to increase precision and streamline processes.

The result is a greater understanding of where efficiencies can be made to minimize costs and waste, and better utilize resources within a closed loop – further mitigating the impact of CO2 and other emissions and inefficiencies.