SOCSE Latinoamérica S.A.

We are TOMRA’s Exclusive Representative in Latin America & the Caribbean since 1993.

We specialize in implementing efficient and convenient systems for collecting and processing post-consumer beverage containers.

Socse has ongoing operations in more than 11 countries, with thousands of Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) installed in the region.

With offices in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and an important network of Sub Distributors.

This Commercial Strategy allows us to offer High Quality Solutions with excellent regional coverage throughout Latin America.

TOMRA – Collection Solutions

TOMRA was founded in Norway, in 1972. With an innovative concept that began with the design, manufacture and sale of Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs), to automate the collection of post consumer beverages.

With an installed base of approximately 80,000 systems in over 60 markets, TOMRA is the world's leading provider of reverse vending solutions.

Proper handling of used packaging conserves precious resources like energy, water and crude oil and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Users get an instant reward when returning used containers to TOMRA reverse vending machines. This motivates repeated use and further raising collection rates. As reverse vending machines are often an integrated part of consumers' routines, everyday recycling is made convenient, efficient and profitable for all stakeholders.

40 billion used beverage containers are captured every year by our reverse vending machines.

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About RVMs

Reverse vending machines provide an automated method for collecting, sorting and handling the return of used beverage containers for recycling or reuse.

During the 50 years these systems have been utilized, they have proven to be an unmatched success for consumers, businesses and the environment.

TOMRA RVM Systems intervene in different ways depending on the Type of Market in which they are involved.

Reverse vending machines are the centerpiece of modern deposit systems that for years have demonstrated return rates from 70% to almost 100% of sold beverage containers. No other waste or collection system comes even close to matching these figures.

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