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In most of the countries of Latin America* and the Caribbean, there is no specific legislation, or it exists but has not yet been regulated, on recovery schemes for refillable and/or oneway beverage containers.

Mostly in South America, in countries like Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, among others, there is a large proportion of beverages that are sold in refillable bottle formats (PET and Glass) through the retail segment.

TOMRA´s RVMs are an effective and efficient technology automated method for collecting, sorting and handling the return of used beverage containers (UBCs) for recycling or reuse.

*Uruguay will be the first country in LATAM and the Caribbean to implement a SDDR System.


About Refillable Containers in the Retail segment

SOCSE LA develops and operates this business segment directly, with more than 3,500 systems installed.

Among its Corporate Clients are the main International and Regional Retail Chains, as well as the main players in the Beverage Industry.

Operational Sequence:

envases retornables - embalagens retornáveis - refillable containers