State of the Art

T-9 is a new front end machine featuring TOMRA Flow TechnologyTM – the world’s first 360 degree recognition system in a reverse vending machine.

T-9 solves core tasks in completely new ways providing unique benefits to new as well as existing customers. It is the first of a new generation that will redefine industry standards leaving you prepared for today and tomorrow.

+ Faster than ever
+ Easier to keep clean
+ Prepared for other types of beverage packaging
+ Perfect for customization


The T-9 instantly reads barcodes and security marks without rotation stops, allowing the user to insert containers in a rapid continuous flow, increasing convenience and peack-hour capacity.



Smart design and intuitive interfaces make the cleaning process easier.

It is easy to remove the converoy and it can be cleaned by a cloth or under running water when needed.


TOMRA Flow Technology handles containers other technologies can´t.

This opens new possibilities for what can be collected - even new material fractions in future recycling schemes.

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