TOMRA RVMs systems intervene in different ways depending on the market in which they are involved. An importat variable to take into account, is whether or not you have a Bottle Bill in the country in which you intend to operate.

In order to achieve sustainable projects over time, it is necessary to correctly integrate with the different actors and applications that intervene in the circuit (Management Applications of the Incentive System, Monitoring, Pickup Logistics of the collected material, etc.).

For more than 45 years, these systems continue to prove to be an unbeatable success for consumers, businesses and the environment.

TOMRA Reverse Vending Machines provide an automated method for collecting, sorting and handling the return of used beverage containers, for recycling or reuse.


Latin America and the Caribbean are (to date) within this category.

In these countries there is no specific legislation on recovery schemes for used beverage containers.


These are the countries where they have DRS (Deposit Return Systems) implemented.

It is an specific legislation on used beverage container recovery schemes.

Deposit Return Systems (DRS) are a proven and sustainable method to recover bottles and cans of used beverages, and give the material an adequate final destination, either for recycling or reuse.

The deposit value provides a monetary incentive for the user to return the container after consuming the product.